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So guys welcome to our website once again. Once again we have come up with something for GTA lovers. As we have already provided you with two generators, one being the money generator and one being the cheat codes. You must be playing the game by passing missions with flying colors. So guys we are pretty much sure that you definitely would have liked the previous two versions and you hope that they are helping you in exploring the game much more. And apart from this we hope that you are able to try new things in the city rather than only completing the missions. If not we advise you to complete stunts, work for the ammunition factors, purchase factories and make the deals, visit the strip clubs and many more, kill the people on the road, increase the wanted level and rush throughout the city. If you are not doing such things than we are pretty much sure that you are not enjoying this thriller and adventurous game. So today we have come up with something new which will boost your performance to a newer level. And combining all these three things will make you king of this city.


The grand theft auto is a crime, thriller; adventurous series that makes you enter a new world and complete all your desires and wishes that you are unable to do in this real world due to unwanted reasons and consequences. And since the release of the first version the game has earned popularity throughout the world. As it was a quite unique and amazing idea of making such a game. Earlier all the games used to be like gun fighting, street racing, soccer, wrestling, etc. But the idea of this game became so much admired by the gamers that it became an addictive game. Even I remember, when I was a young person I was so much fond of playing VICE CITY. We used to have competition among the friends of who has more money, ammunition or completed more missions. It made us so much happy that this game was like everything for us.

And the new versions of GTA have continued to maintain the legacy of the game. The thrill still remains in every version. The storyline of every new version is better than the previous one. And the graphics and sounds, what do I say about them? It is like a virtual reality, and you will never come to question that the game is really an animation. The fifth version has been released and is available on almost all the platforms. This makes the craze for the game at the peak compared to other games. There are so many things to do in the game, that one can never be bored of playing this splendid game. It is a new world to the player. You buy houses, vehicles, mansions, factories, clothes, etc. What else do you need in the game?


First of all we will tell you what glitches really are and how can they benefit you in the game. Speaking in the simplest way glitches are bugs that are left in the code of the program or you can say they are the errors made in the writing of the code of the game. Once they are discovered by the players they can benefit you. Frankly speaking they can be harmful for the player also. But once you are in acquaintance with them, you will never be at any risk and in fact we will tell you how can you take the use of them.

Like the one that is most popular are almost all the versions of GTA. The name is BLUE HELL. When you enter the blue hell you are actually struck in the air a few seconds. This helps you from police if the wanted level is raised


The money glitch is one of the best one that I feel. When you buy a lot of products by using the earned dollars, like car accessories and food or if you pay the hospital fees, it will result in last price reduction.


Once the player comes very close to entrance of driveways of some homes, you will see that the door opens automatically. And if the gate is opening and closing and you rub against the gate while it is opening or closing the vehicle of the player is thrown violently very far like a spring is attached to the vehicle. And it crashes at that place creating a hustle.


You would be definitely enjoying the game with changing your characters. In fact it helps you to commit crimes like killing people and changing your identity and hence reducing the wanted star level. So if you change the characters again and again one of the characters will appear on the screen as a normal pedestrian and will be a replica of you. If you do this again and again this will revert back to the original form.


Suppose you are in urgency and driving a vehicle in the game. And if you quick save the game than it often happen that once you open the game to resume from there, the car will be lost and ultimately you will be flying in air.


It is often in the game that one of your friend or an upper party ask you to drive back to their place. So when you are about to reach the destination raise the speed and overshoot the location. You will see that a duplicate car that you were driving will appear at that place. This is one of the best ways to obtain the rarest car in the city that are difficult to buy and obtain.

So guys hope you will enjoy these in the game and the adventure will increase when you use this.

GTA V Cheats - Conclusion:

So friends, use the cheats, enjoy the game and burn the city. Explore every part of the game.

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